The Festival of Enlightenment

I have been invited to speak at the FESTIVAL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in June of 2011 in Colorado. This is a big honor for me and I am super excited. Some big names are involved like Janet Attwood, Gregg Braden, Bob Geldorf, Marianne Williamson,  Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Paul Scheele, Marcie Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch and many many more.

It will be a whole week full of great music, teachings and learnings, of spending fun and reflective times with like minded people in a stunning setting. The goal is to really help transform the lives of thousands by getting the message out there that we all have a choice.

We have the choice at any moment of our life to turn our life around; to go into a different direction than the one which has not served us too well.

NOW is the moment to change. It is the only moment we have any influence over. Make it your BEST moment.

Join us in June 2011 in Colorado so we can transform the world by first transforming our self.

Remember, we are powerful beyond measure!!!

Your playing small does not save the world!

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