Traveling is Fun or we must learn the Lessons

Traveling is fun or I must learn the Lessons

I woke before 6 am this morning. As there was no need to get up until 7 I plugged in my MP3 player and listened to a couple of “Lessons of Life” by Jim Rohm. Just before 7 am I got out of bed, took a steam bath, answered a couple of emails, packed my stuff and got ready to leave for the airport around 8.30 am for my flight to London at 10.25.

Normally it takes about 40 Minutes to the airport so I thought there would be plenty of time to stop half way and get a document from the land registry that I had asked for the week anterior. On hindsight I must have been insane to attempt this and it was here where the problems started.

I arrived at the registry 9 Minutes after they had opened thinking that I would be the first but there were several people in front of me. Fortunately my turn came fairly quickly and I handed the girl my request. She started to search in her basket where the document should be, then went into the back office. After a few moments she came back with another lady but still without my document. Together they searched the basket again. Nothing and back into the office they went. I started to get frantic and tried to find out what had happened but living in Southern Spain has its downside as here people will not be pushed to hurry even for a frantic German. Another few precious minutes passed and the girl came back with her superior. “Do you have the original notary document? We could print you what you need while you wait” he told me politely. But by now I was desperate and really did not appreciate his offer so I thanked him and run out of the office and back to my car. It was 55 minutes before flight departure!

Of course I got stuck in a small traffic jam trying to get back on the highway. Another 5 precious minutes passed until that moved. My nerves were frayed and I started racing down the highway passing cars left and right going way past the speed limit. After 15 Minutes the sign for Malaga airport appeared. Another 1,5 km and 40 Minutes till departure. With a bit of luck I might just make it. Just as that thought passed through my mind I realized that everyone seemed to be going to the airport today and another traffic jam build up. I could see the planes landing but only inched my way towards the airport. Desperation set in and I was beating myself up for so much stupidity.

The closer I came the more I got reminded that Malaga airport is an enormous building site with very limited parking facilities. If you have been there in 2006 you will know what I am talking about. Why didn’t I think of that before? I fly in and out at least once a month. Panic set in and only 30 Minutes to go.

I drove up to the departure terminal. Is everybody flying out today? In 6 years I never saw such chaos. You couldn’t even stop for a moment to discharge your luggage. The police was everywhere and tried to control what could not be controlled. A policeman made someone leave and I got in that slot and jumped out trying not to take notice of him. He shouted after me but to no avail. Only 25 Minutes to go.

The counter was already closed but there was still some one there. He was not happy but eventually re-started his computer and gave me a boarding pass telling me I had 10 minutes to get to the plane.

Out I went to my car. Thank god the police are not as fast in Spain as they are in Germany. The poor man was really mad at me but the tow car had not arrived yet so I left without further problems. But I still had the same issue – where to park the car while I was in London?

All 3 parking lots near the departure lounge were inaccessible. I was out of the airport before I knew it. Around the roundabout and back again. Did I see a slot there on my right? This is where the rent-a-car companies are stationed and I never attempted to park there but today was different – today I only had 15 minutes before my plane left.

There a parking sign! In I went but they did not want me to park there – only for rented cars of their company, they said. I pledged and pleaded but the gentleman was adamant. He insisted I leave. To turn around I had to go into their backyard and saw a small exit there into the bushes. Off I went bumping over rocks with my lovely Mercedes but who cared at this stage. All I wanted was to park for a couple of days.

I got my luggage out and as I locked the car the gentleman was back at my side. Now he was not so polite anymore and told me to get lost or he would call the police. A young man came up behind him and said I could not park here but he would help me – finally someone on my side! But you need a contract, he said. NO, I need to get to my plane RIGHT NOW I shouted but to no avail.

He drove me back to the departure lounge while I filled in the contract. Adrian, that was his name, insisted I check his documents but who cared in a moment like this. I sure didn’t. “But Senora, your car is worth over 30,000 Euros. You have to care.” He insisted. Isn’t it amazing how fast our perspectives change? In order not to lose a flight that cost about 100 Euros I entrust a car worth 300 times that much to a total stranger.

To cut the story short I crashed the line at security and ran all the way to the departure gate. By this time my face was red as a beetroot and I arrived there 5 Minutes after regular departure but fortunately – for whatever reason – or was it because of the constant prayers I had sent up to higher powers since realizing how stupid my idea of getting some documents on the way to the airport had been? – The flight was slightly delayed and I entered with the last 2 passengers. Fact is I got the flight – by a hairs breadth and with a lot of “luck” but…

  • What are the lessons to learn?
    Learn from past experience (this was the 3rd time I raced to the airport).
    Plan things that are important to you in a logical manner and follow through.
    Don’t stress yourself in an unnecessary way because it will drain you of all your energy.
    And don’t always think that manifesting your crazy ideas to the universe will help you make them real.


If you change perspective, everything changes!

Well, I could come up with several more lessons I hope I finally learned but for now enough is enough!

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