Visualization for better Health

I was watching a documentary last night and it talked about how some hospitals started using visualizations to speed up the recovery process after operations or chemo therapy. They ask the patient to imagine what life will be like when they are totally recovered from their illness. What they will look like, what they will feel like and what they will be doing.

In all cases that the patient followed instructions and really visualized twice a day the recovery went significantly faster then with the regular treatment.

If anyone doubted the effect of visualizations I think this really proves that visualizations work. Our subconscious does not know the difference between reality and a vision therefore it takes the vision as reality and makes sure the body responds accordingly.

They also asked the anaesthetist to put their hands around the patients head during the operation and patients needed less anaesthesia and were much more relaxed during the operations. That is another type of energy use.

I was so happy to hear that what we have known for so long is finally finding its way into traditional medicine and healing. You see, it is not only a matter of believing that it works, visualization will work IF YOU USE IT!

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