We are one consciousness!

The following is from a dialogue I am having with my friend Sperry Andrews who has been researching global consciousness for the last 20
odd years. Hear what he has to say:

Hola Barbara

My findings raise questions that have profound implications for social health and well-being.

Is the unconscious division of present moment awareness evidence that humanity is suffering some form of ‘multiple personality disorder? We know now from extensive research that receiving love and abuse at unpredictable times ~ without self/Self awareness ~ favors the development of poorly integrated part-selves. The introduction of interconnectedness through heightened present moment attention can resolve this, yet it requires steady practice to re-condition learned behavior.

The reference frame of the speed of light is considered to be a spaceless/timeless reference frame seamlessly functioning as our own present moment awareness. In other words, the absence of spacetime is the presence of awareness. Attention acts as both a gravitational and electro-magnetic lens, focusing a phase-transition we commonly recognize as our witnessing consciousness.

In this physical model of developmental consciousness, observation ~ arising from a spatio-temporal energetic and material mind/body structure ~ literally transforms that structure, in space over time, leading to the progressive evolution of perception, in a way that can be rigorously modeled in both classical and quantum formalism, as well as tested ~ experimentally. I have explored how ‘forms’ arise and are coordinated by their own inherent ‘formlessness’.

In this view, we are each, and all, accelerating the quantum vacuum, literally localizing the non-local whole, as the axis of momentum for both our internal ‘Youniverse’ and external Cosmos. We are literally re-creating our ‘selves’ and ‘each other’ and the cosmos, in whole and in part, by the passive/activity of observing and experiencing. Freely focused attention and intention extend our ability to advance civilization and make the synergy ~ we call ‘Love’ ~ happen.

Point your finger at your head. When I look where my finger is pointing, I do not see my head. Do You ?

I see the capacity of awareness. It is colorless, silent, featureless and still, space for the whole world.

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  1. As a woman who “feels” our oneness through an emotional connectiveness we choose to express via projection, self-reflection and plain old awareness, I’m extremely excited that we’re venturing in to scientific proof found in the area of quantum physics which supports that we are a big old bowl of nueron soup:)

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