Who do you want to be when you are grown up?

I ask this question frequently in my seminars and the answer is usually:

“I don’t really know!”

Hmm, that means you don’t know where you are going? It means you have no plan for your life? This answer really perplexes me since it seems that most people are waiting for life to happen to them as opposed to designing and creating their life according to their ideas and purpose.

It might sound weird when you read this but DO YOU KNOW what you truly want from life?

Most people really have no idea what they want. That and that they have no idea how to create a step by step plan they could put into action to actually achieve their goals – if they have any.

Take pen and paper and write down everything you still want to do, be, or have.
When you run out of things to write, take a short break and then write for another 5-10 minutes. You want a long list. Then put it away again for a few minutes and start once more. You really want to run completely dry.  Then put your list away for a day. On the next day go through your list again and ask yourself for each goals if it is something you really want and whether it is an ethical goal (good for you. good for others, good for the planet). Eliminate all goals you are not really keen on or that don’t meet the ethical standard.

The remaining goals should be the ones you focus your attention on. Prioritize them and review them several times each day. Break the larger goals down into small chunks that are achievable. If it is difficult, break it down even further. Make an action plan each night with the next steps to get you close to achieving your goals. Make sure not to put too many steps on your daily plan as that will only get your frustrated.

Monitor your progress and make sure you keep moving in the right direction. If you get distracted, acknowledge it and correct your course. Have a list Make a list of different things you can reward yourself with each time you have completed a step, however small.

If you keep this up for 21 days or more it will become a habit. You really deserve to live your dreams.

But it’s up to you to make them happen!!!

Make sure you know what you want and go out and get it!

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