Why Accountability Let’s You Reach Goals

We’ve all heard the word “Accountability” used around achieving goals. Why is that? Is it really that important? Can’t we just do it on our own?

Maybe we could but it’s 8 times more likely that we achieve what we set out to do when we are truly accountable – not only to ourselves. Think back to all the goals you’ve ever set – from the small and short term ones to the biggies. Which goals did you achieve and which didn’t you?

Let’s make a test. Make a list of at least ten goals you remember setting and mark it with a + if you achieved it or a – if you didn’t. This may help you see that most met goals were accomplished with the help of others. Maybe even unintentionally you recruited your spouse, children, parents, a friend or a colleague.

However it happened, fact is, when you have a partner that holds you accountable on doing what you set out to do, you have a much better chance at realizing that goal or project. Without accountability, most people are likely to quit when the going gets tough, or they simply decide it’s not worth the hassle because they forgot why it was so important to them when they set out to do it.

Accountability helps you become clear on exactly what you want, when you want it, and why you want it. That by itself is missing in most people’s goal setting. And when you have at least one accountability partner, who knows what you are aiming for and supports your ideas, you are 8 times more likely to get to the finish line.

While we are usually ok with admitting defeat to ourselves, we don’t like having to admit defeat to others. Accountability works so well because we share our intentions and therefore make them more real to us too. When we share our goals we take responsibility and ownership for them which automatically gives us a more focused drive towards reaching them.

Simply by communicating our plan with others it forces us, like little else does, to truly commit. When we work in a group or team environment using the Mastermind principles, we know we will be asked about our progress. We know our accountability partners will be interested in the entire process of going from where we are today to where we want to go. You almost have no choice but to commit at this stage!

So to summon up: The best way to stay accountable and go from unmet to met goals and dreams is to bring at least one other person into the game like a professional coach or a good Mastermind group.

Just make sure your accountability partner/s will really stretch and challenge you to keep your commitment to yourself – because that is what it is – a commitment to yourself!

I personally love being part of a good Mastermind group because when we weaken in our resolve, there are several that will catch you and help you across the “slippery” patch until you will feel secure and clear again.

8 thoughts on “Why Accountability Let’s You Reach Goals

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  2. Great. Let’s meet on skype and discuss. In which time zone are you and when is a good time to connect? Please, give me a couple of options to choose from.

    Happy New Year! Let’s make 2011 our best year

  3. Sorry for the delay Fatima. If you truly want accountability I would be willing to be that person but it has to work both ways. That means we have to find a time that works for both of us and skype once a day (except weekends) just for a few minutes. The first talk will be longer so we get to know each others goals and vision for 2011.

    Let me know if that interests you.
    Happy Holidays

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