Something remarkable happens when you start to think about, and then live your life more purposefully.

You start taking action.

You start doing things instead of second guessing yourself and procrastinating. You get off the couch and get going on the things you’ve always wanted to do!

Have you noticed that?

The clearer you are on your purpose, the easier it becomes to take action. You have a clear outcome (goal) in mind and you know intuitively what the next step is that you need to take. Even more importantly, you are highly motivated to get it done. Fears are suddeny of no consequence anymore. They still

Let’s look at a ‘small’ purpose as an example. Let’s imagine that you want to lose weight. You have been trying to get into shape for years with little success. You probably eat a little better, do a little exercise every now and then, but because you don’t have an actual purpose, a strong WHY, you never got very far. Occasionally you give in to the urge to snack, get second helpings, or indulge in a cookie or two. There’s no urgent reason to get serious about losing weight and there’s no deadline even though you would love to be slimmer now that summer is coming…
Now pretend you’re getting married in nine months and you are determined to look great on your big day. You have seen the most stunning dress but it didn’t fit. You have a pretty good idea of how many pounds you have to lose by your wedding day before that dress (or suit) will fit. You can already see yourself walking down the aisle and can’t wait for the big day. The image of YOUR DRESS is on your phone so you remember what you are doing all this for. Suddenly you have a purpose, a goal, and a deadline. That’s exactly what it takes to get serious about losing weight. or anything else for that matter.
Because you are highly motivated and the intention is crystal clear, you start taking this seriously and clean up your diet, cut out a lot of the sugar and processed food. You start working out to tone and reshape your body as you start to drop those pounds. You drink a lot of water instead of Coke or other sweetened drinks. You read up on and learn as much as you can about nutrition and the latest trends in diet and exercise. Best of all, you are moving. The pounds are dropping and you’re looking and feeling better and better the closer you get to your non-negotiable deadline. Life is great! Time to buy YOUR dress or suit…

That’s the power of having a purpose in action. It spurs you on and motivates you to do things and make changes. Having a purpose also keeps you from procrastinating out of a false fear of failure. Does that mean you can’t fail? Of course not. There’s a chance you may not hit your weight loss goal and there a very good chance that you’ll cheat and have a cookie or the likes at some point on your weight loss journey. That’s not the point and not the type of failure I’m talking about. No matter what, because of your purpose you’re going to make serious progress and even if you stumble, you pick yourself up and get right back to it… because you have what is an IMPORTANT PURPOSE TO YOU and that keeps you motivated.

Not trying because you think you may fail, because you think you may not be good enough, may not know enough, may not be enough… is no longer an option and that’s a pretty big deal. When you have the right motivation (like in the wedding dress example), when you are clear on what you want your future to look like and start moving in that direction, being stopped by your inner mind chatter and fear is no longer an option. Your purpose has priority now, not your fears and doubts!

Now, what is that great purpose?

What has emerged for you over the last two weeks?

Please, share it with me so I can continue to prod and support you 😊

Make today count!