Having a purpose is a primal human need.

Today I want to talk about spiritual health and wellness and the positive effect living with purpose has on us. I already mentioned in one of my earlier posts how beneficial living a purpose-driven life has on our physical health. The same is true for our spiritual life. It doesn’t matter what your spirituality or religion is. We live in a very diverse society and as a result, some of my readers will have different beliefs to others. It is of no consequence in this concept. Even within a group of people from the same faith or belief system, there are vast differences from individual to individual. However, no matter what your belief, living with purpose and intention will benefit your emotional state and your spiritual state too.

We want to be needed and we need to know that we’re making a difference in order to feel fulfilled, happy, and complete. That’s why living with purpose is so important and why it is good for your overall spiritual health.

The Need To Be Needed
We like to be needed by others. It makes us sad and lonely when we can’t help those around us and make a difference in their lives. Having a purpose and living with purpose allows us to do just that on a regular basis. It fulfills the need to be needed.

The Need To Find Meaning In Life
Another common human desire or need is to find meaning in life. We don’t like to feel like we’re wasting our time here. Living with a purpose gives meaning to each day. That, in turn, makes us feel happier and more fulfilled.

The Need To Have Hope
At the end of the day, even when things seem bad, we need to have hope. Having a purpose means we have a plan and we have something to strive towards. It is the hope that we’ll make a difference, it is the hope that things will get better, and it is the hope that we can get ourselves out of the hole we might find ourselves in.

The Need For Values
We need values to live a happy and fulfilled life. Our values are like a compass that guides us along the way. If you are a parent, you know how important it is to impart strong values on your children. Without them, they feel lost and insecure. That can add a lot of stress and unhappiness to all concerned. We have already talked in depth about values in earlier sessions. Living our life with purpose by default provides us with a strong set of values to live by.

Living with purpose is good for the mind, is good for the spirit. and is good for your overall well-being. It allows you to live a more fulfilling and happier life and make a difference in the world.

Living With Purpose Makes You A Kinder Person

When we’re stressed out, working too hard, and running around to meet the latest deadline, or pay a stack of bills, we’re often not the nicest people to be around. If, on the other hand, we shift our focus and live our life with purpose and intention, this changes almost immediately. As soon as we have clarity, we know what to do. It makes us kinder and nicer. Why is that?

Living With Purpose Helps You Focus On Others
Living with purpose often includes other people. It’s about those around you as much as about yourself. We are social creatures and we like to work with, interact with, and help those around us. When we make those relationships a priority, we take the needs of others into account. That teaches us empathy and understanding, which in turn makes us nicer and kinder to those around us.

Living With Purpose Takes You Out Of The Competitive Mindset
When we stop trying to keep up with the Müllers and Meiers (common German surnames) and stop competing for having the biggest income, the biggest car, the nicest house, we stop competing with everyone around us. Life is about much more than outdoing everyone else. When we realize that and focus on relationships, experiences, and helping each other out, we are kinder because we’re no longer competing with our ego. We are now competing with your love.

Living With Purpose Reduces Stress
Since you’re no longer participating in the rat race in the same way as before, and instead embrace meaningful activities and relationships that make you happier, it should come as no surprise that your level of stress is greatly reduced. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kindest person when I’m stressed out and feel overwhelmed. When I’m more relaxed and fulfilled, on the other hand, being kind is my natural state of mind.

Living With Purpose Increases Happiness
As we’ve already established in previous blog posts in this series, living a purpose driven life makes us happier.

To recap, living with purpose does quite a few things to make you a kinder, nicer and happier person. If that’s not a great motivator to work towards a more purposeful life, I don’t know what is.

So, what is YOUR purpose???

By now, I do not want to hear philosophy or reasons why you can’t (no more excuses). I want insights and actions, ideas and as that idea gets clearer, a big picture of your future path. I have given you so much to think about and define that you will see a golden thread to lead you in your answers.