Do you still have Dreams? - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

Do you still have dreams?

Do you remember when you were young and had all those big dreams? And you actually believed you could make them come true, didn’t you?

How do you feel about that now?

Yesterday I asked a friend who was feeling depressed and down if he still had dreams and his answer was “Of course I have dreams but that is all they are. What does that have to do with my present situation?”

In my eyes everything except when you lose the belief that your dreams can become reality. Once more someone focuses on the problems, on the challenges that all of us have in our lives and not on the solution.

When I work towards fulfulling a dream there is not time to feel depressed. Frustrated maybe when things move too slow or when there is a setback but depressed – No. However when you file your dreams away as too unrealistic or something you might consider doing at a later date when you have more time… your ideas, your dreams recede further and further into the background until they truly become unrealistic because you have lost sight of them.

Don’t let that happen to you. Take a piece of paper and imagine what life could be like if your biggest dream or goal became true. Write it down in full detail with all the emotions that come with it. How will you feel when you live with your soul mate? How will you feel when you are on stage with a full auditorium? How will you feel when you make substancial amounts of money every month even when you are on holiday?

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

How will you feel when you have dinner with Richard Brandson on his private island? How will you feel when you help drill a well that will give thousands of people drinkable water? How will you feel when…?

Without feelings nothing happens. First is the thought, the idea. Then comes the feeling, the emotion which fuels your potential that moves you into action. You need all 3 to make things happening. The thought, the feeling and the action. If one is missing you lose out.

That is why so many businesses struggle today. Most were just build to make money not to be of service or use to anyone. The ones that thrive in today’s tough economy are the ones that were build to serve, to make this world a better place, to help and fulfill a real need.

If you see a need and have a passion to fulfill that, grab the opportunity because you will be successful – for sure!

Live with passion


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