Finding contentment - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

The last day of our cruise we sailed through waters full of wild life, especially whales. I was stuck to the window or leaning on the railing most of the day and saw at least a dozen humpback whales.

At the same time I heard people around me complain that there were no whales, that there was nothing to see.

We need to take the time to see nature!

You can’t just step up to the railing for a minute and expect the whales to turn up just for you but that seemed to be what some people expected.

Nature has its own rythm and if we want to be part of it, we have to abide to it. There is nothing more peaceful than to watch nature i.e. to see a whale blow their nostril (its probably called something else), then arch their back and with a graceful and slow flip of their beautiful tail say good-bye. I love it.

Their playing (probably just trying to get rid of a parasite on their skin), flapping with their fins, jumping out of the water etc. really brought a big smile on my face.

Nature is not their for our amusement but I love to watch it and am very happy that there are people, like the great speaker with had on board, who care enough about these animals and their well being that we still have the opportunity to watch them. Thank you Brent.

Help protect our planet and all its creature. Its the only one we have.