Is Love intelligent? - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

Love and compassion make us smarter.

But don’t we normally say that love makes blind? Yes and both is true. When we are freshly in love we tend to be blind to the weaknesses of our new partner but generally love AND compassion actually makes us smarter.

This is a totally new insight that was discovered through the brain research surrounding emotional intelligence. When we move from the fear-based activity of critical analysis toward acknowledgment, appreciation and love, we actually use more of our brilliant minds.

And we all need this positive focus so we can overcome our obstacles and challenges in life. The main issue is that most people focus on their problems and because of that they bloc their creativity and cannot find solutions.

Do the people you love know how much you love them? You can’t tell them often enough (as long as you mean it)
Do you have an optimistic view of human life on planet earth?
Do you have faith in the development of human consciousness?
Do you have compassion for those less fortunate than you, for the lost, suffering souls around you?
The closer you can move to answering YES to each of these questions, the more intelligent you will become, and the better off the world will be. All we need is that each of us loves ourself and the world around us unconditionally and with abundance.

Don’t worry – be happy!!!

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