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Last night I watched the film “Troy” on TV. I had seen it twice before nd the one scene that had stuck out for me was the scene where Brad Pitt sprang at the giant he was supposed to fight and slit his throat without a moment of hesitation. It had been the only way to a sure win.

On the TV version, they had cut this scene out (or maybe I went to the bathroom in the wrong moment :). Missing this one short scene changed the whole story for me. Why? Because I always try to learn something and the lesson I got from Achilles the first time I saw the film was

When you have made a decision to do something do it wholeheartedly and without hesitation. 

That was my learning from this movie. Obviously, I don’t mean you should slit anyone’s throat. Please, don’t understand it like that!!! But have you ever noticed that the truly great movies – the ones that become classics and usually are nominated for Academy Awards – all have one thing in common?

Do you know what that one thing is?

They have unforgettable moments with a strong message in them.

Seems obvious, yet these moments can be quite subtle – so subtle that we may overlook them, both in the movies and, more importantly … in our lives.

What makes these moments so extraordinary is that they touch the core of who we are. When we are attentive they can provide the shift we need in the right direction. They are wings for our spirits, for our longing to dare and move forward – out of our comfort zone and into that new space we might fear but at the same time want so much.

Look into the moments that stop you, become aware of why something failed and learn your lesson from it so that next time you will make a better decision and “go for gold” wholeheartedly and without hesitation.

Life is great – if only we let it be!

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