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This challenge is a great opportunity to gain clarity on something super important – your purpose in life. Once you have clarity and take action on it, your life will change beyond belief and it will change for the better. Living into your purpose makes a huge difference in life. It adds positive excitement to your life. It gives you more choices, more freedom, more joy because finally, you are doing what you were meant to do all along. Finally, you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning to get things done. Finally, you feel happy and fulfilled and look into a positive future.

Let me give you a few drastic example of what life is like if you don’t have a purpose:

When I had to move my Mom into a nursing home, I was shocked at the lack of life I saw in the occupants’ eyes. It was terrible to watch how fast they went downhill. I watched carefully and spoke to a lot of the patients and I found that the main reason why inactive seniors diminish so fast is their lack of purpose, their lack of responsibilities. They have nothing much to do, no real reason to get out of bed so they don’t make an effort.  Something similar happens to the veterans. They often feel that they have lost their ‘purpose’ and are suddenly alone without a clear structure and goal like they had in the military.

In Germany we have bad examples with the unemployed who live off social security, some already in the second generation. They get enough from the State to live ok but not enough to live well so they envy those who have more and feel bad about their lives but can’t be bothered to go out and look for work. Their belief is “Why should I work if I don’t need to” The system pays for their home, for a new TV or refrigerator when they break, clothes and food and free health care. Personally, I believe it would benefit them much more to use part of the money to help them find a purpose so they have a reason to get up and leave their sofas and TV sets and do some good in the world. Like this, a lot of good people are wasting away.
In my Youth Leadership Programs, I have worked with teenagers in expensive colleges and with kids from families who live on social security and the hopelessness of some of the ‘poor’ kids is heartbreaking. However, purpose has nothing to do with money. It is a shift in mindset that anyone can achieve and live by. Especially in the US, there are a lot of famous ‘rags to riches’ stories as great examples of what it means to discover and live your passion and purpose. One story I love is that of Elon Musk (Tesla, Space X, SolarCity). He has a clear vision of what he is here to do, a clear purpose and he does EVERYTHING, even the seemingly impossible, to make it come true.

So if you still want MORE, if you still have dreams and aspirations, join us in this free challenge and clarify your purpose in life.

Participating in the “CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE” Challenge will give you some of the following benefits:


 Raise your personal awareness by several notches
 Clear confusion and overwhelm
 Dramatically increase your productivity and the satisfaction you get from it
 Achieve your daily personal and business goals
 Get into the habit of questioning your actions and asking yourself: Will this bring me closer to my destiny?
 Surround yourself with a supportive group of like-minded people who might become life-long friends

Also, for active participants, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs


1 Month of private coaching with me (Value US$ 1,500)

consists of THREE 2-hour hour sessions in which you will break through some of your mental blocks, release limiting beliefs and discover the next steps to take. You will feel re-energized and rejuvenated knowing where you want to take your life

Second Prize

1 Clarity Coaching Session with me (Value US$ 600)

consists of a 90-minute private coaching session with me where you will gain clarity on your goals and what is blocking you. You will leave this session refreshed and with a clear vision of where you want to go from here.

Third Prize

7-week “Living into your Purpose” Group Coaching Program (Value US$ 497)

In this program, we will go in-depth into who you really are and why you are here on planet Earth. No more turning in circles not achieving or even knowing your goals. This will get you well on your path to actually living your purpose!

Fourth Prize

A signed copy of my Amazon Bestseller “To be or not to be – the Choice is YOURS!”

+ A beautifully designed CD set with 20 “MOMENTS TO BE”

Fifth Prize

A signed copy of my Amazon Bestseller “To be or not to be – the Choice is YOURS!”

Make sure you get in now. We are starting the challenge on July 10th.

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