Start the Year with a Vision - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

We are getting to the end of the year – of yet another year.

How will the new year, the coming year be for you?

Have you taken time out to reflect on what worked and what you could do better next time around. Have you reflected on the past year and have you created a vision for your future?

I  am very serious about this because…

You can’t attract what you want until you know what you want and
the more specific you are the better it will work.

I have said this many times before but you need to be crystal clear on your
target and VERY specific!

What is your BIG picture? What is your Dream?

Be precise and as detailled as you can and write your vision down in every little detail so you can read it every day until it becomes your reality.

Once that is done ask yourself what the first step toward achieving that vision is and write that down too. Start always with the end result in mind and work yourself backwards to today. The closer you get to the now, the smaller the steps need to become until each step is just a small action that is fairly easy to take IF you have made the commitment to really get there.

We will talk more about that tomorrow