The Guide to make your Goals come true - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

The book “To be or not to be- the Choice is Yours”, written by Barbara Hofmeister is really amazing and unique. It’s a guide on your way to make your goals come true.  The language of the book is really simple. Very important ideas are explained clearly and precisely. Thanks to the division into several chapters you can easily find the one you need. All the chapters are connected between each other and devoted to the most important topics about self-esteem, recognition, belief, dreams, and goals.

The book “To be or not to be- choice is yours” changed my life totally. Before reading it I could hardly understand who I was. I did not see what way to go and what to do with my life. I was lost and desperate. Luckily I started to work with this book. Carefully I did every assignment. Some of them made my cry, after some of them I was really excited.  I learned a lot from the book. For example, I realized how important it is to value myself first. I found this idea in the book.

The more I read the book, the more my life was changing the way I wanted it to.  I got peace and harmony with myself. My self-esteem was going up. My results became amazing as well. I am from Russia and to go to the United States was my burning desire but we had no money and no visa. After my attitude towards myself changed thanks to this amazing book, I managed to come to America all by myself.  Right now I am studying and follow the idea ‘If you believe you can- you can‘. I get satisfaction from my life now and enjoy it as much as I can. My happiness is coming from inside. I am so happy this way.

I am sure the book “To be or not to be -choice is yours” will continue to be my guide to the top of success and making my set goals come true. Barbara Hofmeister is a talented writer and an amazing person who helped me to believe in myself. Thank you a lot!

Natasha Zlobina, Russia and now Florida