What are you worth? - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

Today I want to share with you a post I read on Lisa Sasevich’s blog. I think Lisa hit the nail on the head with it as most coaches I meet – and that included me for a very long time – do not dare to charge anywhere near enough for them to live a decent lifestyle from their coaching efforts. Very few make a good living and only a handfull make a fortune.

What is the difference? The difference is their mindset about the value of their work.

Let me give you an example:

What is the value of the coaching session I gave to a fellow coach who had just been left by her future husband? She was so devastated and not able to take care of her children and her life, let alone her clients. For 45 Minutes she kept telling me her version of what happened and how she hopes to fix it. No matter what I said, nothing got through to her until I told her that I will end the session so she can continue to wallow in her sorrow for a little while longer.  That got her attention and I was able to take her through some processes that totally changed her perception of the situation.

From that one coaching session her life turned around. She started a social life, became pro-active with here children as well as in her business and within days told me that I had done wonders. Obviously she had done the wonders herself but that one session got her on the path she could not see by herself.

Another example:

In a business seminar I attended in London I was paired up with a young man who owes a garage for high end luxury cars. We had to do write our elevator pitch and when he delivered his I was surprised there was nothing about him in the pitch at all so I gave him some coaching. It only took a few minutes but as he changed his approach I could see the sparkle turn on in his eyes and the pride return to his shoulders. I met him again a few months later in another event and he told me that those few minutes really changed his life. Because he sees himself in a different light now, he started doing things differently and is well on his way to financial freedom.

What are those results worth?

Obviously you do not always get the break through in 5 minutes or in one single session but you do get it as long as you have a good coach and you are open and willing to work with them.

As my preliminary turned out longer than intented I will post Lisa’s post tomorrow so we will continue on this topic. If you feel stuck, unhappy, unsatisfied… do consider getting yourself a coach and remember, you always get out of it what you put into it – be it money, time, attention and intention. Do not haggle with yourself or your coach. Be open.  The advice you get can be… priceless.