What is Life Coaching? - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

In the last few years, Life Coaching has become more and more popular. However, most people don’t know enough about it to decide whether it could be right for them or not. I have been in this profession since 1995 so let me try to clarify what coaching is so you can make an educated decision whether it would benefit you.  

We have all heard of sports coaches. They are as popular as ever and train the athlete to peak performance. A famous one is my good friend Coach Carter. However, today all high-performance sports stars also have a life coach; a person who strengthens their belief in themselves and in their ability to win. Even though Life coaching is not primarily about winning in a competitive way, it is about “winning” the life you choose to live. I say it takes the veil off your eyes so you can finally see clearly. 

Life coaching has become so popular because many of us are tired of doing what we think we “should” do. Instead, we have become aware that we have a choice to do what we want to do!

Coaching is not a therapy. In therapy, the goal is to give you an understanding of your past in order for you to have the awareness of how you became who you are today. Coaching rarely goes far into the past. It is forward oriented and action based. Where therapy looks back, life coaching looks forward – towards your future and a “better”, more fulfilled, happier YOU.

A good life coach will…

  • assist you to identify areas you might be stuck in and help you overcome them in order to move forward.
  • help you gain clarity in your vision for your future. 
  • help you identify specific goals and objectives you want to achieve.
  • help you to stay focused so you can reach those goals faster.
  • provide you with the tools, structure, and perspective to make the journey easier for you.
  • hold you accountable so you follow through with the things you want to do and be. 

Did you know that people who are accountable are 7 to 10 times more successful than others?

Coaching works in all aspects of your life from relationships, to lifestyle, to career, health and wealth improvements. It focuses on strengthening your skills and improving and trusting your abilities. It helps you to meet and exceed your potential in order to be your best.

Coaching is similar to consulting. Yet, where consulting frequently provides only temporary solutions, coaching is consistent and ongoing. The Coach stays with the clients to help implement new habits, skills, and changes. Another distinction is that consultants usually give advice and tell people what to do while coaches focus on assisting their clients in discovering the solutions within themselves. Or in other words, as a coach we don’t give you the fish; we teach you how to fish.

In a coaching relationship, we focus on what you want to achieve and help you maintain your commitment to yourself, your dreams and visions. We look at where you are now in relation to where you want to be and help you close the gap. Are your ideas and goals based on your true core values? What are your strength and weaknesses and how can we use this knowledge to your advantage?

Many of us are looking for a deeper meaning as we begin to understand that we grow from the inside out. More and more people are freeing their time and resources to invest in themselves because they realize how simple it can be to accomplish something BIG, to contribute if they get a little help from a professional “friend”. It takes an outside view to be able to take off the veil that often keeps you stuck in your circumstances. 

So why not use a trusted friend, you might ask? As wonderful as it is to have good friends, they are emotionally involved in our drama and do not have the objectivity and distance necessary to see where you stand and what type of assistance you need. Have your friends or family ever been shocked because you made a move in a new direction? Have they ever told you that something can’t be done or is not done the way you want to do it? Quite frequently our well-meaning friends and family members are the “dream stealers” instead of the supporters we need. Because of the emotional distance, a good coach is a trusted professional who works with you on improving the most important aspects of your life. Your coach will help you build your confidence and belief in yourself so you dare to jump – dare to go to the next level in your life.

Why would you want a Coach?
You might want a coach because…

  1. you want to grow
  2. you want to become unstuck
  3. you want to be more productive
  4. you want to become more balanced
  5. you want a new perspective
  6. you want to find new and more efficient ways to do things
  7. you want to change certain aspects of your life
  8. you want to reach new and bigger goals
  9. you want more meaning in your life
  10. you want to live a life of purpose
  11. you want to leave a legacy

How long do you have to commit to your coach?

It is not so much a commitment to your coach as a commitment to yourself. Give yourself time; 3-6 months at least. What has taken you a lifetime to become cannot be changed in a day. However, sometimes even one single session can make a life changing difference.

If you need help on a specific short term project or if you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you should consider one-on-one coaching to help you accomplish this specific goal faster.  If you need motivation and a step by step process to move you out of feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, group coaching could do the trick. 

Why does life coaching work?

  1. The synergy created between you and your coach creates momentum.
  2. Better and clearly defined goals support you to move towards your “dream life” faster and with less effort.
  3. You develop new skills and habits which translate into higher success and a more balanced life.

Remember, there is never a better day than today to start your “new” life.

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Barbara Hofmeister
Author and Master Life Coach