Why is Life Coaching so effective? - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

I am being asked all the time what makes Life Coaching so successful. My answer is: It’s efficiency.

But why is it so efficient? Because it is action based and forward oriented while most other self-development tools look at the past and try to find out why we are who we are today.

Obviously, past behavior may be a good predictor of future behavior, but it’s never more than a tendency because we can change that. The past is over and the future is yet unknown. But our past does not equal our future. It will only affect it to the degree WE ALLOW it. This is what makes us humans so unique.

Evidently, the past DOES matter, but only to the extent, we let it. It matters because we can (and we should) reflect on it and learn from it. But it does not have to rule the rest of our lives if it does not serve us. Many times we hang on to old habits and behaviors that we have learned as children and it is so automated that we never question it. That is where coaching is ideal because a good coach will notice that immediately.

You can change at any time. You always have a choice and what you start doing or being different today, will change your results in your future. That is a fact. What you think, what you believe and the actions you take or don’t take will affect your future. However, for us humans a life change is not easy and this is where coaching can help significantly.

A coach sees the client from a different, an outside perspective. Because of this detachment, the coach can ask the right questions so the client is able to find new and better answers for him/herself. Coaching is not so much about giving advice. It is more about helping the client find their own answers before building an action plan together and help them execute the plan.

You may not be able to control ALL the events in your life, but you can drastically increase your odds of success by using a coach whenever you are on a crossroad of your life.

Abundant Blessings

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