Master your self talk - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

We all know it – the little voice inside of us. I call it Yebut = Yeah, but…

…you are not good enough!

…your don’t know enough!

…who do you think you are?

We question whether we are worthy enough, have enough knowledge, deserve what we desire etc. etc. etc.

You, like me, have a book, a play, a song, a message inside of you that wants  to get out. Unfortunately we resist letting it out and the reason for that is the value (or lack of value) we place on ourself.

But you have a gift to give and giving it is not only important to you, it is also important to the human race. Too many of us resist their whole life to letting their gift out. Why is that? It has to do with confidence or lack thereof.

I have wanted to write my TO BE book for years but kept putting it off. It was easy to find good excuses why I could not do it but that is all they were – excuses.

Still the fire (the idea) was burning inside of me and I really wanted to do it so I was always of two minds.  One day a friend from the US stayed with me in my house in Spain and over breakfast we talked about my book idea and he said: “When are you going to start with it Barbara?” First I only shrugged my shoulders, but later he asked me again and again so I made a decision and on that same day I sat down and wrote the outline for the book and the table of content. And as they say the rest is history…

To be or not to be - the choice is YOURS!

Get it now. It is truly changing people’s lives.