Numerology - The Science That Knows WHO YOU ARE - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

Last night I found something crazy in my inbox that truly blew my mind.

It was the opportunity to get a Free Numerology Reading.

Before doing this reading, I didn’t believe much in this type of thing because a colleague had once done a very superficial one for me and told me my greatest strength is to work systematically. I tell you, systems and I are no friends. I hate routines and can be pretty chaotic so I could not relate at all. However, other people have told me good things about Numerology but never how acurate it is. I was shocked when I did this one here just for fun.

Now, I’m giving you fair warning: This is seriously so accurate that it’s scary! 

Here’s what my free reading told me:

I tend to work too much. (Don’t I know it  but I love what I do so no hardship there 🙂
Can be too hard on myself (hmm… yes, I have been told by my friends and coaches to stop doing that)
My success is not due to luck but a deep commitment to excellence. (I really do my best)
I am a true visionary, even though some consider me to be irrational for going after my dreams and encourage others to do the same (ha,ha,ha… why shouldn’t we?)
I can get frustrated with people who think too small (Oops! Sorry. It has happened in the past)
High on integrity and honesty (I have been told that I can be very direct at times)
Have a great gift of guiding others, especially through adversity (people tend to come to me when everything else fails).
I am a true survivor and push through obstacles courageously and help others do the same (yep, there were plenty – obstacles and others)
Natural leader who can always see the big picture with unwavering loyalty to people and to my chosen cause
Deep understanding and indestructible desire and ability to support and guide others
Inspire others to step up and succeed, love to celebrate their successes
and so much more…

But the biggest clincher that really threw me was…

“You live by your own rules, value independence highly and have problems showing romantic emotions” (So spot on, it made my eyes pop! Independence is my first core value).

Well, now you know more than most people about me. My free report hit the nail on the head in so many areas that it sent a tingle down my spine.

You have to do this – it’s so cool!

I hope you will do it. It fit’s in perfectly with our CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE challenge and is so much fun.

The creator of this has even done reading for A-list celebrities like Matthew Broderick, singer Ciara, and Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh.

I highly suggest you get your own free reading because it will help you realize your strengths so you can start living up to your full potential and finally start living your dreams.

Do it right now before you forget 🙂

I can’t wait to hear from you about it. It is so crazy. I love it!

Big hug
PS. Here is the link again: So exciting. Such great timing for our challenge and it’s free.