The Purpose Gift - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

Each of us enters this lifetime with a purpose. We are here for a reason and being human, we want to leave a legacy. Unfortunately, we usually forget our passions and purpose as we grown up and are molded into our parents model of the world. However, as we get older, You might feel that something is missing in our lives – a purpose!
Rediscovering Your Purpose.
In the next three weeks, we will work deeply, and with the intention of re-discovering your life’s purpose. We’ll do some serious soul searching to find what really drives you. We will be connecting your past and your future and make sure you gain clarity and certainty of where you want to take your life.
I have crafted this course to work for all levels of awareness. In the 21-days of our Purpose challenge, I will guide you through this exciting and sometimes challenging journey to finding your true purpose and meaning in life. We will go step by step by a blog post which contains some teaching and plenty of questions for you to ask yourself. You might be surprised at the answers you get. We can discuss whatever comes up in our special Facebook group. The whole challenge is easy to follow BUT UNLESS YOU DO THE REQUIRED HOMEWORK NOTHING MUCH WILL HAPPEN!!! Just saying 😊.

For some of you, the discoveries will be exciting, for other’s scary – for all revealing. One thing I can promise is that if you do the homework, you will gain clarity; you will know where your path is. The course can be intense–this is to be expected when we are working in the realms of Purpose.
What you can expect is to…

 Gain Clarity on your Life’s Path
 Start living an intentional life
 Live by your core values
 Live a life of meaning
 Make a difference
 Feel happier and more fulfilled

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How will it work?
Once you have decided to participate, please sign up for the TOTALLY FREE 21-day CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE challenge and set the clear intention to fully participate. You will find that the work itself is fun. You will notice shifts and changes happening inside of you and you will start to see the “light at the end of the tunnel.” This is not an esoteric “what you should do” course but a very practical “HOW TO DO IT” step-by-step process.

We will use a variety of tools in this challenge, including:

• Writing and journaling (please have a journal or a nice notebook at the ready)
• Visioning
• Guided meditation
• Future scripting

The Purpose’s Gift
This course is designed to bring about clarity on your path, positive mindset shifts and new perspectives of what is possible for you.

As you work through this challenge, you will notice:
• Shifts in the way you think about your future
• Shifts in the way you think about yourself
• Shifts in the way you see your potential
• Possible Healing of “things” that have been stopping you in the past

In many cases, the result will be that you feel free. Perhaps for the first time in your life you will see choices and fresh possibilities. Living on purpose is a great gift that we can all honor but few do. If you follow this PURPOSE challenge and take the steps, YOU will be one of them.

What others are saying
“WOW! This is a MUST for everybody” – Thomas
“I’m blessed to have come across this course. It has changed the way I see myself and my future. Awesome work.” – Diana
“Barbara is an amazing teacher. I like her ethics, her caring approach to teaching this while she still pushes us little by little out of our comfort zone.” – Dee
“Barbara has provided insights and techniques that have been incredibly helpful to me. I love how deep this goes.” – Karin
“This information is very powerful for me. So glad I signed up for this class!” – Toby

About Barbara Hofmeister
Barbara Hofmeister is a bestselling author and visionary teacher in the field of personal development and spiritual awakening. She has taught tens of thousands of students how to create a life of choice – of their choice. Barbara has started her own journey of self-discovery in 1978 and knows first-hand what it is like to get distracted and stray off your chosen path when you are not sure what that path is. Living a life of choice is not a straight line. It takes you down a winding road towards your full potential. Knowing your purpose is like a beacon of light that guides you through the ups and downs so you always know what direction to take.

How Will It Work?
Starting tomorrow, you will receive a fresh lesson every day for 21 days through an email in your inbox. That is why you need to register for these emails as they will give you access to the course and grant you entrance to our private Facebook group “Living a Life of Choice”.

During the 21-day challenge, Barbara will also do a couple of live video sessions where you have an opportunity to get your questions answered. Please, ask them in our Facebook group beforehand so we know what you might be struggling with and can help. So if you want to make a shift, if you want to gain clarity on where to take your life, if you want to get inspiring results, register now

Another Valuable Gift
As a gift, when you sign up for this free challenge, you will also receive notice of new blog posts. They consist of insights, tips and techniques and lots of inspiring thoughts for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. And we will give you the opportunity to join our coaching programs as an early bird at the lowest possible price. You can unsubscribe at any time.

How to Get Started:

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